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Want to change your drinking - what's in your toolkit?

Updated: May 21, 2023

Tool roll with This Naked Mind Book

I'm a do-it-yourself kind of bloke, give me a task and like many, I'll opt for a do-it-yourself approach. As William Ernest Henley said, I want to be master of my fate, captain of my soul. Forget calling in the tradesman or reading instructions. If you're doing a job that doesn't require a licence, all you need is a can-do attitude, and the right tools and materials for the job. Hey, you might even need YouTube if you really get stuck!

When we go to work, we reach for a screwdriver to screw in a screw, hammer to hammer in a nail but what do we do when we recognise that alcohol is not serving us and we want to perhaps drink less or not at all.

When it comes to changing our drinking can we use a do-it-yourself approach?

Absolutely, YES but importantly:

What tools do we have at our disposal to do the job?

“When it comes to changing our drinking, can we use a do-it-yourself approach?”

what is in our essential toolkit?

To change our drinking, all we need to do is to stop putting that liquid into our bodies, right?.

That's part of it, sure enough changing the behaviour to not drink is required.

However, willpower alone is not enough to make lasting change.

We need:

  • Hope, believing that change is possible

  • Curiosity, why do we do what we do when it comes to drinking

  • Knowledge, what alcohol is and what effect has on the body, conscious and unconscious minds

  • Emotion, how you feel about it, does giving up lead to deprivation or abundance

  • Determination to change, making the decision

  • Tactics, to deal with things like cravings, limiting thoughts and beliefs that might trip you up

My go to resource for all the above is Annie Grace's book, This Naked Mind. This book was the catalyst to change my life for the better after nearly five decades of binge drinking.

It describes the knowledge, tools and tactics that I now use it as a coaching resource to help people make lasting change. If you want a guiding hand in doing-it--yourself or you feel that you would benefit with some dedicated one on one coaching don't hesitate to contact me or setup a discovery call on the homepage.

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