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Why use an Alcohol coach?

Whenever I've had issues or problems in the past, I've always looked for people who were ready and able to help. Whether it was a legal problem, an accounting question, or like the time when I was dealing with real estate subdivisions, I sought out an expert surveyor who specialised in that field.

When it comes to dealing with alcohol, it's no different.

Luckily today, there are alcohol freedom coaches worldwide, something that wasn't available to me when I stopped drinking in 2007. I would have given my left arm back then to receive some coaching!

You absolutely could go the do-it-yourself approach too but how good would it be have someone in your corner supporting you, someone who's been through it themselves and understands how to make positive changes in someone's life?

Having a coach like myself working with you can help you avoid the problems and pitfalls in changing your own relationship with alcohol for the better. 

Alcohol Coaching is forward looking and focuses on your future goals.

By working in partnership with you, coaching helps you:

  • navigate your way through your current situation and challenges

  • provides knowledge, suitable strategies, resources and tactics to achieve those goals.

  • provides a level of accountability for your intentions

  • provides a safe and welcoming space to explore areas of your life that may be holding you back and once overcomeplanning your future

  • helps you gain confidence and ability in meeting the challenges that life in general will throw at you

Alcohol coaching is not medical advice, substance abuse counselling, psychological counselling, or as a substitute for medical or any other professional counselling. If you are worried about your drinking and any physical or mental effects you may be experiencing always consult a physician in the first instance.

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Please note all pricing is in AUD (Australian Dollars)

Before booking Turn the Tide or Catch the Wave offerings, please ensure you book a Discovery Call first!


It's a NO obligation call and is really just a conversation about where you are at, no judging, no shaming and how I can help you move towards a future that you want.

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