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Perfectly Imperfect

Updated: May 21, 2023

stage ready for childrens concert

The theatre dimmed, the audience quietened we had come to see our granddaughter perform in the combined schools concert. The kids began the first performance to cheers and clapping, their little faces lit up with delight at being on stage for a real audience. As the performances went on, I began to notice a pattern in the performers, and it was with compassion and warmth that I realised there was a cross section of kids all doing their absolute best on stage with smiles on their faces. One or two kids in a group performance just got it, they were naturals, The next group of kids were in the middle, keeping time to the music, doing the moves, singing the songs and then there was "that" kid. Maybe one or two steps behind everyone, keeping a watchful eye on the others to match their moves and timing but not quite getting it right. So vulnerable in those moments, but still laughing and smiling, enjoying themselves on the stage. The applause and cheering from the audience was just as enthusiastic.

It was beautiful to watch, the old drinking me would have been twitchy waiting for it to be over but now I can see things with an open heart. I realised that their presence and work on stage was much like the work people do to change their drinking to drink less or become alcohol free. Some just get it. They absorb the knowledge, work on their beliefs, apply the tools seemingly effortlessly. Others struggle with ups and downs and eventually get there, but then there are those who really struggle, always one or two mis-steps behind but still plugging away. It can be discouraging, but if you are struggling I hope you can be like "that" child on the stage. Keeping joy in your heart, determination in your being, unafraid of vulnerability and eyes on your goal to keep trying and working towards the life you want.

If you need a helping hand to set your goals and gather your tools to build a life you want, feel free to contact me or setup a discovery call on the homepage.

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